impact winter

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Impact Winter

Players will need to help Jacob and his team of 4 survivors, all holed-up in an abandoned church, try to survive until the rescue timer reaches zero. Team management and survival skills will be essential! Thanks to a robot companion named Ako-Light, it will be easier to drill for supplies, explore new areas, light darkened interiors and empty nights, carry your supplies and track the location. Hel...[Read More]

Impact Winter Review

Meaningful Impact? In Impact Winter, the clock is always ticking as you try to survive a post-apocalyptic winter. But can this survival game with a timer mechanic thrown in make a meaningful impact upon this crowded genre? Story: Impact Winter gives away very little as to why the outside is now called ‘The Void’, and what has happened to create this desolate snow-scape which has covered skyscraper...[Read More]

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