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GK Review: Little Nightmares

Hi there. With all that E3 news we had almost no time left to publish any reviews. However since the E3 rush is almost over we have just published our review of Bandai Namco’s action adventure game “Little Nightmares“. Here’s a snippet: Again, like the inspiration, Little Nightmares is a 2D adventure/ platform game, although there is a Z-axis here, to allow for a little mor...[Read More]

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Little Nightmares

LITTLE NIGHTMARES welcomes players into a grim and shadowy universe as the tiny heroine “Six,” and presents a harrowing journey to escape from the dark and gruesome creatures that lurk within. Featuring an interactive storyline and a darkly whimsical art-style, LITTLE NIGHTMARES takes players deep within The Maw, an eerie, twisted vessel filled with disturbing and dangerous enemies who are eager t...[Read More]

Little Nightmares Review

Little to like? “Little Nightmares” clearly takes some themes and inspiration from Inside and Limbo, but can it live up to those fantastic indie games? Story: Little Nightmares has you play as Six, a small, yellow-anoraked child, who wakes up in some dystopian hell factory/ prison, and tries to escape from their surroundings. Like the sources of inspiration, there’s no ‘story’ per se, ...[Read More]

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