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GK Review: Mario Party: The Top 100

Hi fellow gamers! Been a while since we posted a new review … well blame it on New Year and its holiday 🙂 but today we bring you a very new 3DS review of “Mario Party: The Top 100“. Here’s a snippet: The Top 100 is a collection of Mario Party’s best minigames, as curated by Nintendo. As such there are bound to be some missing favourites for most people, but nothing so egreg...[Read More]

Mario Party: The Top 100

Ever partied with Mario? Stuffed mouthfuls of pizza? Dodged penguins? Well, the party is back with the top 100 minigames in Mario Party series history! Test your memory, speed, and luck in a variety of multiplayer minigame types. With Download Play, up to 4 players can party on their own system with just 1 Game Card! This time the fun comes faster, thanks to some fresh features, including a Favori...[Read More]

Mario Party: The Top 100 Review

Let’s Party: ‘Mario Party‘ became a very special property to a very select group of kids growing up. Anyone who still fondly remembers the holes they burnt into their palms playing Mario Party on the ’64 can count themselves as part of that exclusive club. I was pretty excited to see a compilation of Mario Party’s best minigames – especially when I got a code just before I headed home ...[Read More]

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