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GK Review: Mega Man 11

Our reviewer Joe has taken a closer look at the new “Mega Man 11” from Capcom. Here’s more: There’s enough quirks here to make Mega Man feel fresh again, from his newfound ability to slightly slow down time and essentially dual wield powers, to a bevy of collectible upgrades that will certainly make your future challenges feel more surmountable. Whilst these upgrades might make y...[Read More]

Mega Man 11 Review

Mega Man: ‘Mega Man 11‘ is a triumphant return to form for the Blue Bomber. After a shaky period of time where his future was entirely uncertain, and a couple of unofficial spin offs crashing and burning hard enough to put Capcom off for good, I was shocked, but thrilled to see MM11 get announced. So, in 2018 Mega Man has returned to stake his claim as king of the tough-as-nails action...[Read More]

Demo of Mega Man 11 now downloadable

Everyone looking forward to the highly anticipated Mega Man 11 can test their mettle ahead of the game’s October 2nd release. Take on the formidable, and rather smug, Block Man in the new free downloadable demo, available now on Nintendo Switch, and available September 7th on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (X). In the demo, players can choose from multiple difficulty levels before stepping into th...[Read More]

Capcom announces new Mega Man 11!

Today during the Mega Man 30th Anniversary Livestream in partnership with Twitch, Capcom revealed Mega Man 11, the next evolution in the long-running 32 million unit-selling action platformer series. Led by a talented, veteran development team at Capcom, the new game features tight side-scrolling action gameplay the series is known for while completely revolutionizing the experience for modern con...[Read More]

Mega Man 11

The classic series takes a leap forward in visual presentation in Mega Man 11 with a 2.5D design direction introducing beautiful, completely hand-drawn characters and environments. A freshly redesigned Mega Man takes on Dr. Wily’s berserk machines, defeating Robot Master bosses and taking their weapons, in an ever-evolving fight for justice with new and unique enemy designs.

Mega Man 11 Images

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