GK Review: Metro Exodus

Hi there! Our reviewer Ian has taken a closer look at the new “Metro Exodus“. Did he like it? Here’s more: Early in the game, you’ll unwittingly destroy a top-secret device which has cut off Moscow from radio broadcasts across the rest of the world, find out that the war is somehow still going on, and be forced out into rural Russia, in search of a better life elsewhere. Full rev...[Read More]

Metro Exodus Review

Choo-choose this one! I’ve been a big fan of the dark, brooding and melancholy Metro games. They’ve managed to bring a real sense of world-building and story-telling to the world of first-person shooters, and their pacing and design has generally gone very much against the general grain of shooters, which has been to make them bolder, brasher, faster and more multi-player focused. Can “Metro...[Read More]

Very special Metro Exodus Artyom Custom Edition revealed!

Deep Silver, 4A Games and Metro author Dmitry Glukhovsky today unveiled the Metro Exodus Artyom Custom Edition. This extraordinary bespoke edition is so rare only ten have been made, and they are not available to purchase in any store – instead, Metro fans around the world will have the opportunity to win them via a number of planned promotions in the coming weeks. Accompanied by a certificate of ...[Read More]

Metro Exodus will ship with Photo Mode

 Deep Silver and 4A Games today confirmed that Metro Exodus will feature a Photo Mode, available from day of release on the 15 February for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. “Photo Mode has been one of the most requested features from the Metro community,” said Jon Bloch, Executive Producer at 4A Games. “They’re relatively rare in 1st person shooters, but the team have been determined to make it wo...[Read More]

Metro Exodus Images

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