GK Review: Pokémon Ultra Sun

Hi there! Hope you had a great weekend. Today we bring you a full review of the new “Pokémon Ultra Sun” game for the Nintendo 3DS. More: If you’re new to the seventh generation of Pokemon games, you’ll find a very generous package in Ultra Sun & Moon. The original titles were bursting with content and a fairly meaty endgame, and this evolution packs even more in. If you’re a return...[Read More]

Pokemon Ultra Sun

In Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, Ultra Wormholes were strange pockets of space that mysteriously appeared throughout the Alola region and were shrouded in mystery. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, these Ultra Wormholes return and players can ride on the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala to travel through them to reach the various worlds that lie beyond. Players can visit many diffe...[Read More]

Pokemon Ultra Sun Review

Ultra Sun: ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon‘ were a breath of fresh air to a series that had started to repeat itself. Set in a beautiful tropical paradise, it did away with age-old series bugbears and traditions to great effect. Ultra Sun & Moon are, strangely, one of those old traditions – the ‘ultimate’ iteration of a game we’ve played through before. It’s the same Alola we know but plum...[Read More]

New FREE Pokémon PlayHouse app for young children

The Pokémon Company International launched Pokémon Playhouse today, an app designed for children between the ages of 3–5 years. The app, which is the first-ever official digital Pokémon experience for preschoolers, is available now on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as a free download without in-app purchases. In Pokémon Playhouse, aspiring Pokémon Trainers can explore an adorable indoor and out...[Read More]

Pokemon GO sees European release & gamers getting into trouble!

Pokemon GO has slowly rolled out in Europe this week, starting in Germany, before hitting the UK and other nations. The game has already had a profound impact on Nintendo, despite them only offering limited support to developer Niantic, with their share price rising by over 70% this week alone. Despite some server hiccups, the game is generally stable, despite the masses of people playing it. My o...[Read More]

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