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Project CARS Game Of The Year Edition released today

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and Slightly Mad Studios are pleased to announce the release of Project CARS Game Of The Year Edition today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Project CARS is the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game in the sim racing genre: featuring new technology such as built-in support for 12K and Virtual Reality. Players are now in the st...[Read More]

Project CARS Game Of The Year sheduled for release

With its ongoing appeal and ever-growing fan base, and following on from the critical acclaim of the original core game released in May 2015, developers Slightly Mad Studios, and worldwide publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Project CARS Game Of The Year Edition on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Featuring all the elements that made the ori...[Read More]

More than 1 million units of Project CARS sold

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and Slightly Mad Studios are proud to announce that Project CARS has already sold more than one million units around the world! With this huge success and the accolade of being the highest-rated racing game on PS4, Project CARS has firmly positioned itself as one of the greatest driving experiences ever made – created by the fans, for the fans! When asked ab...[Read More]

Full details on upcoming Project CARS v1.3 Xbox One patch

Slightly Mad Studios has announced details for a patch (version 1.3) to the Xbox One version of Project CARS. The full patch notes are below: Project CARS – Xbox One Patch 1.3 – Fixed Issues Gamepad Controllers: * Added ABS brake rumble to Xbox One triggers, so that the triggers will rumble on losing traction when braking. The amount of trigger rumble is controlled together with Force Feedba...[Read More]

Project CARS developer clarification on using AMD GPUs

Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios has just released some more information regarding the erroneous information posted on Reddit and other websites that has spread misinformation with regards to Project CARS’ performance on systems using AMD GPUs. Here’s more: To correct the wrongful assumptions regarding Project CARS’ performance on AMD GPUs, the MADNESS engine and the degree of inv...[Read More]

GK Review: Project CARS

Good afternoon fellow gamer. Today we’ve published our in depth review of the new simulation racing game from Bandai Namco “Project CARS“. Delayed several times it’s finally available. We’ve been playing with the game for some time (see our Let’s Play videos) so our final review is now online. Here’s a snippet from the review: There’s no concept of rewinds...[Read More]

Project CARS Review

House of CARS: Project CARS has been on my radar for a seriously long time. Delayed at least three times, is this part crowd-funded spiritual successor to the likes of TOCA Race Driver actually worth your time and money? Storyline: The career hub certainly harks back to the racing games of a decade or more ago. There’s a huge amount of choice on offer (almost overwhelmingly). Want to start out str...[Read More]

Project CARS Community Livery Pack #1 Is Now Live

If you recently bought the new racing game “Project CARS” you’ll be delighted that the developer has released a “community livery pack”. This is the very first FREE community pack which contains vehicle liveries created by other gamers. This first pack contains not only bold, creative designs and homages to iconic real-life liveries but also an accurate recreation of ...[Read More]

GK Let’s Play: Project Cars with Ferrari Steering Wheel

We have been playing the new “Project Cars” (which is out today) with a Ferrari steering wheel.

Thrustmaster adds new controllers for Project CARS

Thrustmaster is thrilled for the upcoming release of Project CARS, developed by Slightly Mad Studios and distributed by Bandai Namco Games on PS4,Xbox One and PC. Thrustmaster and Slightly Mad Studios have met on the same race tracks before, and their commitment to provide the most realistic and immersive innovations is the same. James Boulton, technology programmer at Slightly Mad Studios, confir...[Read More]

GK Let’s Play – Project Cars PS4 Final Gameplay

We’ve received the final review build of “Project Cars” which is sheduled for release this friday! We present you the final build on PS4, showing you some very amazing gameplay footage! Stay tuned for more!    

Project CARS – The World Is Yours – Multiplayer Trailer

Bandai Namco has just released a new multiplayer trailer for their upcoming and much anticipated “Project Cars”, “The World Is Yours”  

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