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Dead Island 2 Opening Cinematic revealed

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios today reveal the stylish opening cinematic of Dead Island 2, created by ELASTIC, the award-winning creative studio b...[Read More]

Far Cry 5 players can now switch to 60 FPS boost!

As part of the Far Cry 5 anniversary celebration, today, Ubisoft announced that one of the most highly requested fan features, Far Cry 5 in native 60 ...[Read More]

Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery — Chapter 3 is here

Conan Exiles expands once again in the concluding third chapter to the Age of Sorcery, further enriching the open world survival experience by Funcom....[Read More]

PC release date of System Shock is a fact!

The wait is (almost) over. The PC edition of System Shock – the fully fledged remake of the groundbreaking original from 1994 – will go on sale on Tue...[Read More]

GK Review: Dead Space

Our review of the classic remake “Dead Space” is now online. More: Of the more than 400 starships that make up the fleet of the CEC, the l...[Read More]

GK Updated Review: Gotham Knights

Finally … another new (updated) review on GamerKnights! Took some time but from now on, you’ll see more and more reviews popping up on the...[Read More]

Koei Tecmo’s Project Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is now available

Today, KOEI TECMO America is excited to announce that their remastered classic, FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, is now available digitally for...[Read More]

New Streets of Rage 4 Update Trailer

Streets of Rage 4 gets a new free update.

Capcom Spotlight Illuminates New Details on Resident Evil 4, Exoprimal, Monster Hunter, Ghost Trick, and More

Today’s Capcom Spotlight provided a look at what’s new and upcoming in the world of Capcom! The digital broadcast unveiled new updates on future title...[Read More]

Destiny 2: Lightfall’s New Raid, Root of Nightmares, Launches Today

Today, Destiny 2: Lightfall will be opening the gates to the new raid, Root of Nightmares, at 9 AM PST today. In this raid, a team of six guardians mu...[Read More]

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Dead in space: Many years ago, when Dead Space was released … it was directly a huge hit! It was a very intense, survival horror game that many ...[Read More]

The Knights: The initial sequence of Gotham Knights offers us a rather strong and impactful prologue: the Batcave echoes shots of a furious battle bet...[Read More]

Deathloop: Arkane Studios has become in recent years one of those studios where you know that whatever they do, they will be able to offer a high qual...[Read More]

WRC: From arcade games to the most modern home consoles, the Rally driving genre has always been present in front of every amateur gamer. From the leg...[Read More]

Hades: Since the acclaimed debut Bastion, Supergiant Games has continued at the same high level with Transistor, Pyre and now Hades – a game tha...[Read More]

Anime: Bandai Namco has always been known for offering numerous anime-style video games or even many adaptations of well-known works such as Naruto, D...[Read More]

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