Welcome to GamerKnights – Our Knights are ready!

Welcome to GamerKnights – Our Knights are ready!

Welcome. If you have joined us from our older website PlayDevil.com you know what you’ll be getting here.

For everybody who’s new, welcome to “GamerKnights” or ‘GK‘. Today is our official launch of the new website and we hope you’ll like it. A lot. We have worked for weeks on the new design, content and trying to code every bug out.

We’re still in BETA so there still might be some bugs that needs to be ironed out. But normally everything should work just fine. We encourage you to ‘register‘ (see top right corner) on the site since you’ll be able to participate in our forums, GK buddy section and be able to comment on every post/page.

And if you want to let people know about your own experience with a game, you can! We have enabled ‘user reviews’ on the website. Even put your own vote on every game is possible.

Do read our “FAQ” to find out the new features on GK. If you still got a question, feel free to contact us through our “Contact Form“.

Our older site PlayDevil.com will still be online for another year but it won’t be updated anymore. It’ll be only used for reading older content.

Expect daily updates from today, hot news, latest reviews and of course the best game trailers! Do visit our forums to participate in our games/tech discussions.

Change your bookmarks now to www.gamerknights.com and enjoy our totally new website!

Bjorn, Ian & Joe – GamerKnights




Founder - Editor in Chief GamerKnights.com 'founded PlayDevil.com (1999-2015)'


  1. Welcome everyone! I hope you enjoy the new site!

  2. Welcome to everybody. From the people from our older site ‘PlayDevil.com’, big HUG! Enjoy our totally new gaming website.

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