Snakebyte unveils 500m PS5 USB Cable!

Snakebyte unveils 500m PS5 USB Cable!

That was probably one of the best April fools joke yesterday but we kinda missed it. So here it is anyways. Funny 🙂

snakebyte, one of the leading global suppliers of consumer electronics and gaming accessories announced today the launch of a 500m PS5 USB cable, finally answering one of the most asked questions in cable management: “Will it reach?”

Cable management has long been the nemesis of every gamer, who until today have had to choose between crouching in front of their console while their controller charges or creating a dangerous series of daisy-chains to make cables long enough to reach the couch.

snakebyte’s CHARGE & DATA:CABLE 500 opens up a range of options for gamers keen to take advantage of the latest generation of consoles.

Not only can they sit comfortably on their own couch while their controller charges, but they can also visit anywhere else in their postcode and still be connected. It’s a great way to experience nature and get some fresh air, whilst always being fully charged wherever you go. A truly next-gen experience.

When not in use the CHARGE & DATA:CABLE 500 can be safely stowed away in its handy reel, which only requires a team of six to operate. Perfect for sharpening teamwork skills before taking on that next multiplayer raid.

Marc-Alexander Knipschild, Head of Marketing at snakebyte Group said, “We’ve always said will go to any lengths to give gamers what they need, and today’s announcement proves that. I’m proud that the team has been able to go the extra mile – or in this case half a kilometre – and provide a truly unique option to solve cable management woes.”

Or isn’t it a April fools joke at all?

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