Review: Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG



Review: Super Mario RPG

Review: Super Mario RPG

Hope you’re having great Monday so far since we have just published our review of Nintendo’s new “Super Mario RPG” for the Nintendo Switch!

If you have played the original game on the SNES back in the Nineties, you’ll surely enjoy this. If not, and you love Mario and RPG’s, then this game might be for you too.

Here’s more:

Super Mario RPG begins like any other Super Mario story, with Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach and Mario going after her to rescue her. The difference is that, now, the story takes a turn with a new enemy called Fraguo: the king of the Kingdom of Weapons is willing to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom and has made Bowser’s castle his own, sending all the protagonists into the air. and destroying the wishing star.

Full review right here.


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