Review: Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2




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Review: Dragon’s Dogma 2

Review: Dragon’s Dogma 2

Hi fellow gamers! Today we bring you a full review of Capcom’s new Action-RPG “Dragon’s Dogma 2“.

Here’s a snippet:

We are the Arisen, the Dragon’s chosen one , and our goal is to become strong enough to hunt him down before he destroys the world. And therefore, also Sovran, the ruler of Vermund, kingdom of humans. Or not? It seems that someone has claimed, and proven, to be the Arisen, which endangers our very existence, so we must unravel this mystery . This is how a medieval fantasy story is presented where there is no shortage of conspiracies, power disputes and conflicts between nations , but as is usual in a great role-playing game, through its missions a multitude of other topics are dealt with, some of them deeper. and others lighter.

Full review.


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