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Find out a little bit more about our 'GamerKnights'.

About GamerKnights

GamerKnights‘ may be new, but we’ve got bags of experience. We’ve been online as PlayDevil.com since 1999, and we’re bringing our wealth of knowledge into a brand new site all about the games!

We’re planning on having loads of in-depth reviews, tasty articles and previews and interacting with the community through our ‘GamerKnightsNights‘.

So pick up your trusty controller and get ready to sally forth with the noble “GamerKnights“!

GamerKnights - Our Goal

Hot Game News
In depth Reviews
Participating with our 'Knights'
Anybody who shares our passion is one of us
Helpful and always there to aid
Entertaining our readers




About Us
Editor in Chief - Founder

Bjorn founded “GamerKnights” in March 2015. He started his own gaming website “PlayDevil.com” in 1999 and has worked with every publisher around the world. He has more then 15 years of expertise in the gaming industry and continue sharing his videogame passion.

After 15 years of PlayDevil, he founded ‘GamerKnights’ with a new design and future proof.

Loves games, movies and his family with 2 adorable kids.

About Us
Ian Robinson
Editor - Reviewer

Ian has been playing games for far too long. He blames his father for buying him Wolfenstein 3D aged 6.

Ian started his career with PlayDevil 9 years ago in 2006 after smashing Bjorn in a multiplayer game of ‘Prey’ on Xbox 360 of all things.

Since then he has reviewed all games, big, small, good, ugly, but can mainly be found playing RPGs and racing games

But also enjoys tabletop games and pen and paper RPGs, and likes expensive watches more than any impoverished journalist has any right to.

About Us
Joe O'Connell

Joe was born and raised to play videogames and write about them. Ever since he started rescuing princesses and exploring alien planets he knew that this was his calling.

A masochist at heart, Joe’s favourite game is Dark Souls.

Want to talk to our GK masochist?

About Us
Billy Withers

Billy decided, like most middle aged gaming people, to have a control pad and joystick in his hand when he was little, instead of a rattle.

He’s played games for over 30 years, sold them for nearly 20 and has been writing reviews on all things gaming, as well as some articles and editorials here and there, when the little grey cells work at least.

He may own all the modern machines, but Billy’s heart is firmly in retro and modern takes on the old school ways, so Dead Cells is high on his list of current favourites.

Give him a pixel and he’s happy 🙂

About Us

We’re always looking to add to our round table of ‘GamerKnights’. If you’re interested in writing for us, ride on down to our ‘contact‘ page and get in touch!

Even better, send us a test review so we can test your knightly qualities – just give us a couple of days to get back to you.

But either way, you’ll always be welcome at ‘GamerKnights’, so good luck with your quest and maybe one day your photo will adorn the walls of the site!

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