Gotham Knights Review

The Knights: The initial sequence of Gotham Knights offers us a rather strong and impactful prologue: the Batcave echoes shots of a furious battle between Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul , the ruthless leader of the League of Shadows. The duel to the death between the two archenemies proceeds with no holds barred and is consumed in the name of the most classic of rivalries: Ra’s wants the Dark...[Read More]



WRC 10 Review

WRC: From arcade games to the most modern home consoles, the Rally driving genre has always been present in front of every amateur gamer. From the legendary Sega Rally to the Colin McRae Rally and its evolution to the Dirt Saga, we have been able to enjoy a wide variety of rally games on our Xbox . And today we turn enthusiastically to our appointment with the annual video game World Rally Champio...[Read More]



Hades Review

Hades: Since the acclaimed debut Bastion, Supergiant Games has continued at the same high level with Transistor, Pyre and now Hades – a game that gathers several ideas from their previous creations. In the role of Zagreus, son of Hades and prince of the realm of the dead, the player must try to escape from the underworld and ascend to the other Greek gods. But the road there is difficult and...[Read More]



Scarlet Nexus Review

Anime: Bandai Namco has always been known for offering numerous anime-style video games or even many adaptations of well-known works such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Sword Art Online or My Hero Academia. With the arrival of the new generation of consoles, the company wanted to start its journey on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S with Scarlet Nexus , a new IP that promised to take advant...[Read More]



Monster Hunter Rise Review

Rise: Monster Hunter Rise is the new installment in the iconic Capcom franchise that debuts on Nintendo Switch as one of the most outstanding releases of 2021. After the success of Monster Hunter World, it is more than obvious that the Japanese developer wants its return to the framework of Nintendo is given with a new success under his arm. Have you got what you were looking for on this occasion?...[Read More]



Little Nightmares 2 Review

Little Nightmares: Historically, triple AAA have been the games that have generated the most attention or interest, mainly because they are pharaonic projects and because they come from large developers. But, as it happens in other fields such as cinema or music, not only this type of title does the player live. In recent years we have been able to witness a great boom in more indie- style games ,...[Read More]



HITMAN 3 Review

HITMAN: Welcome to the new HITMAN. I must admit, there are several quite remarkable moments in Hitman 3. Years go by, but 47 shows no signs of aging. His icy gaze still remains penetrating, inscrutable and paralyzing, more lethal than a bullet spit out of the silenced barrel of an ICA19 pistol. Despite the time that has passed, the greatest killer in the gaming universe has not lost a shred of his...[Read More]



Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Review

Super Mario and Bowser’s Fury: We can criticize everywhere the habit that Nintendo is taking in adapting all its great Wii U titles , but let’s face it: that platform that sold only 14 million units caused important works of art to be lost along the way in many homes, for what is understandable that the Japanese company works to rescue them to bring them closer to its mass audience tod...[Read More]



Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Review

Melody Of Memory: It all started with a melody. One that would end up becoming one of the most beautiful things we had ever heard. And that’s what music has: it motivates us, we are passionate about it and it makes us feel all kinds of extraordinary things, penetrating the depths of our hearts … As long as it hits the right notes. Interestingly, all these qualities are shared by a video game...[Read More]



Tennis World Tour 2 Review

Tennis World Tour 2: More than two years have passed since its debut, and we are finally ready to take on the role of the best tennis players in the world again in what, for the French publisher, wants to be a real attempt at redemption. Tennis World Tour 2 is the result of a complete reset of the project , of the desire to put the past behind them and give fans what they have been waiting for for...[Read More]



Project Cars 3 Review

Project CARS 3: Simulation games are the order of the day, with the arrival of titles such as Microsoft Flight Simulator , but the most played within the genre are always the driving games. Some pull for a more realistic experience, however, others such as the new installment of Project Cars , which are derived from a more arcade experience and focus on other different sections than on giving us a...[Read More]



Marvel’s Avengers Review

Avengers: We live in the era of games as a service, that’s clear to see. Even single-player games are apparently obliged to continue adding content after launch. Several years ago the AAA videogame industry crossed over to this format. In this context, Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and Marvel set to work on a title based on the most popular group of characters of the last decade: the Avengers. Exp...[Read More]

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