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Review: Endless Ocean Luminous

Hi all! We have just published our review of Nintendo’s new sea-diving/exploring title for the Nintendo Switch, “Endless Ocean Luminous“. Here’s a snippet: The Endless Ocean series is not new. Even many players who knew this series more than a decade ago will have their knees hurt. Those players will surely already have a good idea of ​​how this series works and what it is ...[Read More]


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Hogwarts Legacy Summer 2024 Update Live; Includes Photo Mode, Talent Recent and more

Warner Bros. Games today announced that the Hogwarts Legacy Summer 2024 update is officially live on all platforms for players who own the game. The update includes an all-new photo mode, new and previously exclusive content, bug fixes and PC driver updates, and a talent reset option, which allows players to experiment with different builds and playstyles. Included in the update is the Haunted Hog...[Read More]

Octopath series now available on all console platforms and Xbox Game Pass

Today, Square Enix announced that OCTOPATH TRAVELER is now available to purchase for the PS5/PS4 consoles and OCTOPATH TRAVLER II  is now available for the first time on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, meaning that the award-winning RPG series is now available to play across all current console platforms and PC (Windows PC and STEAM). Square Enix also announced that from today, Xbox Game Pass subscr...[Read More]

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