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Another Code: Recollection

Sleuth your way to the truth in two fully enhanced mystery adventures with Another Code: Recollection. Travel to the remote Blood Edward Island as Ashley, a 13 year old girl in search of her father in Another Code: Two Memories. Ashley receives a letter from her father who she believed to be dead, setting off a chain of mysteries and visions into the past. Investigate your surroundings and locales...[Read More]



Another Code: Recollection Review

Another Code: In 2005, CING would begin launching adventure games in partnership with Nintendo that would fully exploit the capabilities of the DS and Wii for immersive puzzles. Bringing in two industry veterans, writer Rika Suzuki (who practically inaugurated mystery novels at the beginning of the games industry in Japan) and designer Taisuke Kanasaki, CING brought games that were immortalized on...[Read More]

Bandai Namco Europe Unveils Unknown 9: Awakening’s First Gameplay

Bandai Namco Europe revealed today a first look at gameplay from narrative action-adventure game Unknown 9: Awakening. Developed by Reflector Entertainment, the title is set to release this summer on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam. Unknown 9: Awakening is a third-person, narrative-driven, action-adventure game that follows the story of Haroona, a Quaestor ...[Read More]

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Unknown 9: Awakening

Unknown 9: Awakening is a third-person, narrative-driven, action-adventure game that follows the story of Haroona, a Quaestor born with the ability to venture into the Fold; a mysterious dimension that overlaps our own. On her quest for powerful hidden knowledge, she will learn to master her unique connection to the Fold, which allows her to channel its powers into our world. But such power does n...[Read More]

The Crew 2 Mad Volume 2 Available Today, Via Free Update

Today, Ubisoft announced that after 6 years of live service, Mad Vol.2 will be the final update to bring new content to The Crew 2. This latest content addition marks a significant milestone for The Crew 2, introducing optimized content rotation for unlimited player-created content. With the new Hobby “Stunt Performer 2”, players will discover new challenges and rewards with 12 new Mad skills. The...[Read More]

Funcom Unveils New Dune: Awakening Footage in Epic Trailer and Featurette

Funcom is proud to reveal a brand-new trailer and featurette for Dune: Awakening, premiered in the first of a new showcase series, Dune: Awakening Direct.Hosted by the prominent Soe Gschwind, the fifteen-minute show dropped spectacular new footage of the open-world survival MMO, where you will fight to survive on the most dangerous planet in the universe. After announcing Dune: Awakening back in 2...[Read More]

Dune: Awakening Videos

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