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Necromunda: Hired Gun Review

Hired Dumb? I’ve always been a big fan of the Grimdark world of Warhammer 40k, and it’s been a while since a 40k themed FPS has been on the market, so I was really excited to dig into this one… Story: Despite the theme of you being a “hired gun” (just a fairly faceless mercenary) with very little backstory, the game at least captures the feel and spirit of the 40k universe possibly better than any...[Read More]



Necromunda: Underhive Wars Review

Under…whelming? Necromunda is one of my favourite tabletop games, so hearing we were about to get a videogame adaptation had me literally squeaking with geeky glee. Can it ever live up to my expectations? Story: The immediate impression was good, with some pretty decent quality FMV introductions to the world and to the storyline, as you take up the role of an Escher gang chasing after some archeot...[Read More]



DOOM Eternal Review

Cack or deem-ed good? Doom 2016 was one of my favourite games of this generation. Can the sequel, “DOOM Eternal” live up to one of the best reboots of all time? Story: One of the best things about the 2016 game is just how dumb it was. The story felt like it had been written by the guys behind the 2005 NF Most Wanted – it was the most brilliantly written game because it trod the line b...[Read More]



Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

Darth Souls… Respawn Entertainment – the creators of Call of Duty and Titanfall, plus the Star Wars license… can this be anything other than a complete winner? Story: Those of you expecting a big wall of scrolling text paired with John William’s iconic score to kick things off will be disappointed though. It’s a low-key introduction as you’re introduced to Cal Kestis, who has been hiding in an Imp...[Read More]



Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Review

Nightmare to play? Trine 3 wasn’t exactly well-received, but with Frozenbyte returning to 2.5D puzzling roots for Trine 4, is this latest entry just more of the same or a worthy extension of the franchise? Story: You’ll pretty quickly come to realise why Trine 4 gets the subtitle “The Nightmare Prince”. You’ll quickly come across the young prince Celius, who has the unfortunate ability to make his...[Read More]



Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Review

Takes you to breaking point? Ghost Recon Wildlands was a massive success, so surely this sequel, coming a couple of years later, will be an easy win for Ubisoft? Story: One of the issues with Wildlands was the controversy around the “real world” setting – even though frankly this wasn’t something the company should have taken seriously. This time around, Ubisoft have played it safe, with a fiction...[Read More]



FIFA 20 Review

High Volta-ge? The Journey is over and Volta is “king” – but does the addition of street football add to the ever-burgeoning world of FIFA or is it another gimmick? Story: “The Journey” is over, and the Volta story mode that replaces it is a massive let-down in comparison. You can choose your own character (great if you’d like to play as a lady), but the impact of the change is that everyone treat...[Read More]



The Bard’s Tale 4: Director’s Cut Review

Bard’s Fail? The Bard’s Tale games were well received dungeon crawlers from the classic era for the genre – the 1980’s. Despite a brief excursion into action RPGs in 2005, can the series be revived after nearly 29 years since the 3rd game in the franchise? And can a game so connected to the PC ever really work on console? Story: Despite indie roots, InXile try to cover a lot of ground in the story...[Read More]



WRC 8 Review

Right one, wrong one? KT Racing took over the WRC license in 2015 and seemed to struggle with where to place their racer for a couple of years, pumping out decent but hardly spectacular racers until taking a year off last year. Has it done them any good? Story: The WRC games have lacked meaningful career content for most of their lifespan on the last two generations of console, and just when it fe...[Read More]




Take back Control?? Remedy was given a hard time with Quantum Break, a game which never really seemed to live up to its promise; the studio was then also promptly dropped by Microsoft. With a new publisher in 505 Games, can the venerable studio rediscover its mojo? Story: Control starts off a little bit slow. You enter the fairly mysterious looking Federal Bureau of Control, and seemingly are on t...[Read More]



Age of Wonders: Planetfall Review

Heading for a fall? This generation of consoles hasn’t exactly seen a plethora of strategy releases, despite their seeming success on the 360 & PS3. Does this turn-based 4X game give the genre the boost it needs in the living room? Story: Unusually for a 4X game, Planetfall tries it’s best to weave in a narrative. It’s a bold and ambitious choice, and one that doesn’t always come off. There’s ...[Read More]



MXGP 19 Review

Moto…cross: The MXGP games now seem like annual occurrences. With the limited budget that Milestone has, does this year’s edition offer enough over previous iterations? Gameplay: The major enhancement to this year’s game is the Playground, which is set in France. There’s a large open area, which includes a couple of tracks and some curated challenges from the developers. You’ll need to drive to ea...[Read More]

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