Dragon’s Dogma 2 Review

Can Capcom pull it off again ?


Dragon’s Dogma:

While more than a decade has passed since the release of the first version of Dragon’s Dogma, this game has managed to attract many fans. Perhaps Dragon’s Dogma’s popularity story is similar to the Dark Souls series. The game had some flaws and a high level of difficulty, but due to the creation of a unique world, deep gameplay, multi-layered and impressive story, it became more and more popular among gamers over time. Gamers’ interest in Dragon’s Dogma finally made Capcom think about making a second version of this game.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 game was officially introduced in 2022 and now it’s time to release it. There are a lot of expectations from this game and the fans want to repeat the success of the first version and this version even provides new features. Now we have to see if Capcom was able to provide a better game than the first version or not?


We are the Arisen, the Dragon’s chosen one , and our goal is to become strong enough to hunt him down before he destroys the world. And therefore, also Sovran, the ruler of Vermund, kingdom of humans. Or not? It seems that someone has claimed, and proven, to be the Arisen, which endangers our very existence, so we must unravel this mystery . This is how a medieval fantasy story is presented where there is no shortage of conspiracies, power disputes and conflicts between nations , but as is usual in a great role-playing game, through its missions a multitude of other topics are dealt with, some of them deeper. and others lighter.

But what at first may seem like a slow-cooking story is actually an argument that never quite takes off. It is a plot lacking in moments , which never manages to excite you either because of what they tell you or because of its characters. If you need role-playing games to have a strong explicit narrative component, this title is probably not for you. Because what Capcom’s work wants is for you to live your own story, a unique adventure built on the situations that await you on this journey.

This can be seen in many parts of the game, but above all in the fact that it does not distinguish between main and secondary missions , which are never marked on a map that we complete as we explore. Beyond the initial mission, which then develops and branches, we will discover the rest as characters attack us in the cities, we talk with their inhabitants or we discover a certain object. It is a conscious decision made to surprise, because a seemingly unimportant order can get mixed up with the story , or with other requests, or with some mysterious character you found a long time ago.

They are missions that give you just the right information , that almost never explain what you should do, and often, neither the destination. It is a stimulating adventure because it does not take you by the hand, but invites you to reason and try different possible solutions to problems, thanks to the freedom with which many of the missions can be solved . There are usually different ways to obtain an item required for a mission, you can create fakes of valuable items for an assignment, there are always several options to reach a certain location, and there is even the possibility of reviving important characters (who may have died, among other things, due to a spontaneous siege of monsters in a city) who will be aware of what happened.

Because this environment made up of Vermund , the leafy kingdom of the humans, Battahl , the arid kingdom of the Ferids, and the areas surrounding the capitals of these two nations, is more than an open world without loading screens of any kind; It is more than a large setting, not huge , with complex cities and caverns that, in some cases, become real dungeons. It is, as we said, a simulation that feels alive thanks to artificial intelligence and physics systems , but above all, it is a world that wants to give you freedom.

And it is also a world that wants to be traveled . There is an oxcart system to take you from very specific points to others, but it is not safe: the journey can be interrupted by enemy attacks, which happens almost always. Fast travel as such is very limited : there are some cities or villages with transport crystals, and there are also very few transport stones that we can place wherever we please. But to use them we need some scarce stones that wear out after use.


  • Deep and engaging story
  • Spectacular combat
  • Boss battles


  • Poor framerate
  • Some technical performances


Story - 8
Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 8
Sound - 8.5
Value - 8.5

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