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After receiving its first two installments on the Nintendo Wii, the Endless Ocean series disappeared from video game news for a while, but there were many players who still had affection for it. For this reason, Nintendo has decided to resurrect it as it has done with other series such as Another Code with a new installment with the same flavor as before, but with fun new features.

Endless Ocean Luminous is a development that comes from the Arika team – those who made the first Street Fighter with 3D scenarios many years ago – and is published by Nintendo. This video game is a clear adventure simulation and marks the return, after many years, of the Endless Ocean series.

The goal of Endless Ocean Luminous is to take the player to explore a fictional region to document marine species. This installment has more than 500 species and it seems that you will take on a mission that is still complex, titanic and exhausting. However, the joke is not reaching the goal, but the journey.


The Endless Ocean series is not new. Even many players who knew this series more than a decade ago will have their knees hurt. Those players will surely already have a good idea of ​​how this series works and what it is about. However, Endless Ocean Luminous can be the gateway for many users to discover the bottom of the ocean through video games.

The Endless Ocean Luminous adventure takes us to explore the mysterious Veiled Sea , an underwater environment with more than 500 different marine life forms whose data we can learn if we scan them, and we can even swim alongside them if we want!

In its own concept, Endless Ocean is a game that focuses on calm exploration, discovering forms of marine life and unraveling secrets in the form of collectible treasures that we can find at the bottom of the sea. And in this game there are no dangers that can take us to an “end of the game” screen, but rather missions to complete and a lot of things to teach those who are hungry for learning about the marine world.

One of the highlights of this installment is in its story mode, divided by chapters. In it, an assistant called MarIA (yes, it is an artificial intelligence with a robotic voice) will guide us through an adventure in which, in addition to learning the basics of the game, we will also record a large number of marine species to save the Great Ones. Corals .

Now, the point is this, the objective is for you to discover marine species while you scan them. These give you points and experience to level up. Up to this point the theme seems very simple, but it grows, because exploration at sea can be deeper than it appears and you will notice it as the game progresses.

In addition to being able to enjoy its story mode, Endless Ocean Luminous allows us to carry out raids at our own pace that allow us to register new creatures, complete missions and level up, which in turn will allow us to obtain cosmetic elements ranging from customization for our diver. even stickers and poses with which we can communicate with our friends.

Because yes, although these dives can be done alone at our leisure, the game also has an online mode for up to 30 players where we can enjoy one-hour sessions with friends, collaborating together to register new creatures and, if you have luck, find other extinct and even mythological ones .


  • Calming experience
  • Multiplayer is fun
  • Wide variety of fauna


  • Might be not for everyone
  • Repetitive after a while
  • Only for marine-sea gamers


Story - 7.5
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 7.5
Value - 8.5

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