Fae Farm Review


Magical farming:

Did you lose yourself for hours fishing in “Animal Crossing“, you’ve come to the right place: The magical farming game “Fae Farm” lives up to its name, because here you run a small farm with one Touch of magic.

The development team Phoenix Labs has fulfilled a dream by releasing this cute game, as it has brought in all the elements that it loves in this genre.

Let’s farm:

Without much history, one day you are shipwrecked on a small island in the middle of the ocean. There is no way back because a mysterious whirlpool in the sea makes crossing impossible. And so it happens that you spontaneously start a new life and become self-sufficient. As soon as this has been decided, you are immediately given a farm in need of renovation.

There you chop wood, plant your first beds and sow a few radish seeds to earn a little money on the market square. Everything you find or produce can be turned into money.

If you know farming games, you know how it works: you gradually expand your farm, plant food, water it daily and prepare delicious dishes from the harvest. You can then sell these or use them later when exploring your island. You get the tools you need right at the start of the game and are well equipped for the first few weeks on your farm.

If you want to cut down trees, or break stones, you’ll have to see the blacksmith. She will improve your tools and add magical extras to them. Instead of watering each flower individually, you can water entire areas at once and save a lot of time. But in this farming game you have a mana meter that quickly empties when you use the magical properties. So do pay attention!

In addition to your seed and flower fields, you can also take in animals and take loving care of them to get eggs, wool, etc. from them.

A magic wand:

Every now and then a touch of magic comes over your self-named world. For example, you can buy magical fertilizer that turns your plants into either another crop or a fairy plant that has very special properties. To enter new areas, you will quickly receive a magic wand to remove the thorns growing all over the island. Later you will receive various spells that will make your adventure even easier.

In the dungeons your magic wand is used again. With this you fight the creatures that live there and make it difficult to collect rock. The further you progress in the story, the more magical extras you can learn to use against your enemies. The villagers and the magical creatures of this world will support you on your adventure and always provide you with useful upgrades. This gives you the best chance of solving the mystery of the mysterious whirlpools that are near the island.

Co-Op & Online farming:

The numerous townspeople help you quickly integrate into the community: They are always up for a chat and offer you side missions to fill up your wallet. Over time, real friendships and even a relationship can be built. If you’ve really fallen in love with each other, nothing will stand in the way of a wedding later in the game.

In order to establish relationships with each other, you have to have a regular chat with the island’s residents.

If you don’t feel like having AI friends, you can also play “Fae Farm” in co-op: either locally with friends or in online multiplayer. This is particularly useful in dungeons, as it allows you to progress faster and bring loads of gems etc. home. The fights are also much easier in a group, and if you don’t feel like engaging in hostile confrontations, you can simply use the invisibility potion and move past them.



“Fae Farm” is a nice brightly colored and cute looking farming game. Everybody who loves a farming simulator game will adore Fae Farm. It has great potential, a little magic and tons to do.


  • Farming!
  • With some magic
  • Multiplayer


  • Not enough magic
  • Repetitive over a while


Story - 8
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 8
Gameplay - 8.5
Value - 8
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