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Is GamerKnights a totally new site?

Yes and no. We have 15 years of experience in the gaming industry because we also hosted PlayDevil.com, an european gaming website.

With PlayDevil.com we managed to establish a worldwide connection with almost all game publishers and even some developers.

GamerKnights is a new site in terms of design, features and its name but we all carry our gaming experience with us from PlayDevil.com.

GamerKnights is still in BETA?

Indeed while we did our best to let your experience GamerKnights at its best, it’s still in “beta” form. We might add new features or style the site a bit different.

That means that you might find here and there a bug or just something that didn’t work out the way you want to.

If that happens, please contact us directly so we sort it out.

How do I join GK ?

Easy, look at the right top corner and click on “sign up”. Enter your details and done.

Next time you can login with your site account or just simply through any of your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

What about PlayDevil.com?

PlayDevil.com will still be online for over a year from now and will close down permanently around April 2016.

The site still holds a lot of articles such as reviews, previews etc and we still want to offer that to our readers.

There’s a “Visit our older site PlayDevil” link on GK (section ‘On GamerKnights’) which will give you the opportunity to experience our ‘archived articles’ from PlayDevil. The site covered hundreds of reviews during its online presence after the re-design from 2009.

I want to be a GamerKnight!

GamerKnights is always on the hunt for new ‘knights’. At this moment we’re looking for:

– Reviewers

– News Editors

If interested just e-mail us through our “Contact Form” with all your details, your experience (if any), motivation etc. If you are looking for a reviewer job, do attach a small test review with your e-mail.

GamerKnights Features

What is GK Buddy?

Besides a forum (using bbpress) GamerKnights is also using the very popular social BuddyPress plugin.

BuddyPress is a socal network software plugin which allows you to (once registered) create a profile, have private conversations with other GM members, make friend connections and share your activity, interact in our forums and much more.

Hub Pages by Platform

GamerKnights offers something totally new. You can easily change platforms (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, etc) by just ‘one’ click.

Look at the top header, there you’ll see all the platforms that GK covers (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & 4, Wii-U, 3DS and PC). By just clicking on one platform you’ll be directed to the apropiate platform page which will show you ONLY games of the selected platform.

Easy right?

GK Social Features

GK offers different social features. You can share everything on GamerKnights to ANY Social network. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, Pinterest, Digg and many many more.

GamerKnights features almost every Social Network. All you have to do is look for the small ‘sharing’ buttons which are located on every top/bottom post/page.

Just click on a desired social network and share the post/page. A “+ button” is available for even more sharing!

GK own Social Networks

Of course GamerKnights is present on the popular social networks. At this moment we have accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube where we’ll also host videos, trailers, unboxing videos and much more.

If you want to follow us on any channel please do, the more followers we have, the better!

Look for our “social icons” at the top right corner for following us!

See you on our Social Channels!

Your own User Rating

On GK every visitor (when logged in) can give their own “user rating” to a game.

That means that YOU can share your experience with a particular game and let everybody know if you liked it or not by giving the game a rating.

The ‘user rating’ feature is available on every game hub page.

Please be aware that your rating must be fair.

Writing your own User Review on GK

For some ‘new’ (and hot) games we’ll offer our readers the chance of writing their own review.

An option will be available on the games hub page.

Do read our rules before writing your own user review of a game.

User reviews have to be approved by staff before they gets published.

Ask Us A Question

Didn’t find what you was looking for in the FAQ section?

Ask Support through our Forum

If you have a question about GK or something site specific, you can always try our “ GamerKnight Forum“, section “Site Related”.

Ask your question there and some of the staff will respond to it as quickly as possible.

E-mail Us

Or if you rather want a direct answer you can always send us an e-mail through our “Contact Form“.

We’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.

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