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Only if fashion is your thing.



If there’s something we all like, it’s fashion. You have to look good.  And if there’s one thing the Nintendo Switch missed was a cool fashion game.

Back in 2008, Nintendo launched, together with Syn Sophia , a game for the Nintendo DS called Style Savvy, whose objective was to dress people up and make their boutique reach the peak. It was possible to play online, visit other people’s boutiques and even compete with them.

The 3DS received three sequels to the game, which was a hit among fashion lovers, the last of which was in 2017. In 2019, there was supposed to be a new game, but it was among a wave of canceled games, with the hope of releasing it for the Nintendo Switch, and this brings us to Fashion Dreamer .

Your mission in the world of Fashion Dreamer is to make your brand the biggest in the world. To do this, you need to create looks, share them online, grow your fanbase and become one of the top fashion influencers in the world.


Fashion Dreamer ‘s gameplay is very similar to that of the saga it follows, with the difference that they haven’t (yet) invented a shallow and meaningless story to give you a reason to do things. You will repeat the same things again and again and again, in an eternal loop until you reach the top.

You start by defining your physical appearance, because there is no gender, just type A and type B, bigger and smaller bodies, and then you go after the people on your map, liking their looks, or lookits, to add pieces to your inventory and creating looks for them, according to the instructions and current trends (yes, you need to keep an eye on them).

You can receive up to 3 hearts for each look you created, and this will increase your relationship with that person, and it also means that your photo will gain more likes and gain you more followers. Yes, every time you create a look for someone, a photo of that look is automatically posted on the game’s social network, and the game defines a random number of likes and how many new people will follow you.

Do this again and again, as I said above, until you get enough points to create your own pieces (actually modify the color of an existing piece and say it’s your creation) and increase the status of your brand. To improve your brand, you need to use your pieces in the looks you put together.

You can also earn extra points by playing one of the two types of Bingo available, or by taking random photos as your drone. These photos taken, in fact, are all automatically saved in your Switch’s photo folder, so if you’re short on space, remember to empty it before playing.

As stated above, you unlock new pieces by liking what other people wear, or winning the pieces in the game’s Gacha. To be able to create things, you use a score that is based on how much you influence people.

In about two hours, you unlock the game’s full potential, and from then on, it depends on your desire to continue following more of the same. This game will depend on how much you are willing to repeat this question of walking, composing a look, walking, composing a look, and again and again and again.

There are different scenarios to play, depending on the level you are at, but, overall, the game is quite repetitive. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it’s a type of game you like, but for those who aren’t the target audience, this game can get boring pretty quickly.

Online Fashion:

The game has an online mode that may seem like basically the same thing, but is actually the main reason Fashion Dreamer was created: interactions.

Online, you’ll see the game’s NPC characters with looks created by other people, as well as see more pieces available in the game’s showrooms. With this, you can increase your collection immensely, especially if the game pairs you with level 200 Japanese women, as was my case, because they already had a lot of extremely rare pieces, and I went there and acquired them.

Furthermore, you can create looks for people online, and they for you, and you add everything they give you to your collection. You will also receive likes for the looks you create, and these likes increase your points in the game and the level of your brand, especially if the liked looks contain pieces created by you.

Graphics & Sound:

Fashion Dreamer was developed for the Switch, so it runs very well most of the time. Offline, I didn’t experience framerate problems or crashes, but online, there are clear moments where it is loading scenes, people or looks, and the framerate drops a little, but it’s nothing that bothers me.

The game’s art is very beautiful, and the pieces are unique, with very well-made textures. It appears, in fact, that the person is wearing something made of specific fabrics. Furthermore, the filters in drone photos are also very realistic when compared to the same filters in apps or professional cameras.

The sounds are OK. A little beauty salon/elevator music plays, some people say some standard lines, but in general, feel free to catch up on your favorite podcast or listen to the new comeback of an artist you like while playing, because it’s kind of cool. tiring after a while.



Fashion Dreamer is not a game for everyone, but for those who are fans of fashion, it delivers exactly what it sets out to do; It’s a game that you can spend dozens of hours searching for the perfect look.


  • Online interactivity
  • Lots of different items
  • Wonderful art


  • No story mode
  • A bit repetitive


Graphics - 8
Sound - 7.5
Gameplay - 8
Value - 7.5
Founder - Editor in Chief 'founded (1999-2015)'

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