EA Sports FC 24 Review


Bye bye FIFA:

As some of you might know … there is no more FIFA xx. It stopped because FIFA was asking EA to pay a 1$ billion! licensing fee! More than 1 billion? Can you imagine that? Of course the publisher stepped down since EA, as a gaming publisher has its own licensing arrangements in place with football’s leagues, players, and communities that are represented in the game.

So no more FIFA anymore, here’s a big welcome to “EA SPORTS FC 24“.

The big field:

But let’s move to the big field. At first glance, FC 24 plays very similarly to FIFA 23. After all, we’re used to saying that about almost every new installment, but subjectively I perceive the year-on-year difference in the overall feel of the game to be a little smaller than in the previous two or three years.

I do notice more significant changes in defending, which is giving me a lot of trouble this year. It requires total concentration, it is key to anticipate your opponent’s movement and cover space before resorting to the tackle. It is easy to completely miss the opponent and the ball, and since it takes a long time for the defender to get back into position, such hesitation is often fatal. Defending fast-footed attackers with good dribbling is perhaps even more stressful than I am used to.

The new setting option between tactical and advanced defending has a fundamental effect on the defensive game. A more advanced variant is surprisingly set as default, giving you more control over what type of tackle the defender will make. The tactical version, on the other hand, simplifies defensive interventions to one button, while the game chooses the most appropriate type of intervention contextually depending on the given situation.

Furthermore, to all this we must add the great work that EA Sports has achieved in recreating the atmosphere of the matches. Although there is no groundbreaking innovation here compared to previous installments (since this really was a great addition to the previous new generation installments), it is true that it is the game in which it presents the highest level of realism to date . The stands are alive, before, during and after (blessed celebrations) the game.

Accelerate 2.0 is also another of the “new features” that have been incorporated into the gameplay of EA Sports FC 24. This system (as its name indicates) is an evolution of the one that we already saw in FIFA 23. This not only has a direct influence on how it is played, but, again, serves to further extend that dose of realism that EA Sports has achieved with the game. 


  • It's FIFA ... ehm FC !
  • HyperMotion V
  • Many new additions


  • Well it's more of the same
  • Only for soccer fans


Graphics - 9
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 9
Value - 8.5

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