Little Nightmares 2 Review

Little Nightmares: Historically, triple AAA have been the games that have generated the most attention or interest, mainly because they are pharaonic projects and because they come from large developers. But, as it happens in other fields such as cin...[Read More]



HITMAN 3 Review

HITMAN: Welcome to the new HITMAN. I must admit, there are several quite remarkable moments in Hitman 3. Years go by, but 47 shows no signs of aging. His icy gaze still remains penetrating, inscrutable and paralyzing, more lethal than a bullet spit o...[Read More]



Pikmin 3 Deluxe Review

Pikmin: Nintendo is consistently refreshing games from the Wii U era – a console that did not conquer the market for many reasons, but one of them was not the quality of the games available on it. There were a lot of those from the first league...[Read More]



Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Review

Melody Of Memory: It all started with a melody. One that would end up becoming one of the most beautiful things we had ever heard. And that’s what music has: it motivates us, we are passionate about it and it makes us feel all kinds of extraord...[Read More]



13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Review


13 Sentinels: Developer Vanillaware are one of the most fascinating, exciting companies in the Japanese games industry. Each of their absolutely gorgeous games are wildly different to one another, familiar only in the style they’re drenched in ...[Read More]



Tennis World Tour 2 Review

Tennis World Tour 2: More than two years have passed since its debut, and we are finally ready to take on the role of the best tennis players in the world again in what, for the French publisher, wants to be a real attempt at redemption. Tennis World...[Read More]



Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review

Super Mario: The Super Mario 3D All-Stars pack is one of the most exclusive Mario trilogies to come out for Switch. This special package includes three different games that marked Mario’s time. I have to say from the beginning that all with goo...[Read More]



Project Cars 3 Review

Project CARS 3: Simulation games are the order of the day, with the arrival of titles such as Microsoft Flight Simulator , but the most played within the genre are always the driving games. Some pull for a more realistic experience, however, others s...[Read More]



Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Review

Tony Hawk: Like much of my generation, Tony Hawk’s was a cultural touchstone. Not only did the hit games make wannabe skaters out of us all, it introduced us to the style, the music, and the attitude that the late 90’s skateboarding scene...[Read More]



Marvel’s Avengers Review

Avengers: We live in the era of games as a service, that’s clear to see. Even single-player games are apparently obliged to continue adding content after launch. Several years ago the AAA videogame industry crossed over to this format. In this contex...[Read More]

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