LEGO Marvel Collection Review

No sooner has he saved one world with the help of a load of LEGO bricks, then Billy has to go and save it again... With the help of some well-known friends, of course.



It feels like it was only a few weeks ago that I was mucking about with a load of LEGO bricks on the PS4 (that’s because it was – Ed) and here we are again, doing that thing that we all do whenever Travellers Tales get something out to market. Bearing in mind though that it is a re-release of all the Marvel games, with the two Super Heroes titles mixed in with the Avengers movie mash up. I’m going to tell you now that you should contemplate taking a mark off the final verdict if you own any of them and I’d probably say to not bother if you have a way of playing all three on what you have right now.

For everyone else though, this will be a review done as if never playing any of them (although I did have a close run-in with the Avengers game a few years ago).

So, with all that being said, let’s crack on.


What you have here is a sample of why Traveller’s Tales have been doing LEGO games for nearly 15 years. They show no signs of stopping and when you look at how good the quality has been over the time; you can see they won’t be any time soon. It is obviously clever marketing to have these coming out at the same time as the newest (and last) addition to the current MCU, but this time you can see a good value for money package being presented, especially if these were missed the first time round.

There are two main stories here. One of them is intertwined across two games and the other one is spread across a plethora of movies, covering everything from the main Avengers movies (apart from Endgame, of course) to Thor, Captain America and the Hulk’s silver screen entries, amongst others. For this review, as most people will have seen the majority of the Marvel Universe at the cinema anyway, we’ll concentrate on the original story from the TT universe instead.

The Marvel Super Heroes story is cast over the two games and has all of your favourites coming together as the bequest of Nick Fury to do battle against unspeakable foes, including Loki, Galactus and the freshly made Kang the Conqueror character specifically for the second game.


There sure is a lot of LEGO to get yourself stuck into, to be honest. Bearing in mind you’re looking at three full priced games whacked into a bundle. They all follow the same kind of routine by having an open world hub to move around in, acting as a conduit between the levels that you can go through on your own or with a friend in-front of the same telly or through the power of the internet. Basically, if you haven’t missed any LEGO games you will feel in very familiar territory.

Your multiplayer mainly consists of the co-op mode, going around Earth, Asgard and more together.

There is a 4 player battle mode, but the less said about that, the better, as it just feels like a bolt-on, rather than an enhancer of what is there. There has always been a lovely feel to playing these with family members, as most father and son combos will no doubt testify. It is also very handy if you need a few hours of peace and the kids need distracted (don’t say you haven’t used the LEGO games for a breather.)


If anything, this is the hardest area to judge. The presentation is good, but you have to look at the fact that these are pretty much untouched from the original code and that they are only conversions. They haven’t been re-done in 4K or what have you, as well as the fact that if you HAVE played any of these, your achievements or trophies, depending on what side of the console divide you’re on, are out of your reach if you buy this version of it, as they stay from your original playthrough. Some people may moan about this, but it doesn’t really bother me. Heck, I’ve never had a platinum trophy and I won’t lose sleep over that fact either.

Looking at everything else though, the graphics have always held up well because of the clever design from the developers. LEGO has always had a bit of an antique, but clean feel to them and that takes a lot of knowhow to do. The good thing is that most people will be happy enough with the resolution and quality. Sure, things will no doubt be familiar to you if you have been a fan since 2005, but that will not put you off because these games have always been CONSISTENT and that is the key thing. You will go through levels of brick-bashing, you’ll unlock new characters and play through with them.

There will also be places you didn’t get to see in any of the movies as added bonuses, especially when you consider that all the additional downloadable content IS INCLUDED this time round.



It does sound like an old cliché when you have collections, but I do feel like it is a genuine case this time. If you have not played any of these, this makes the collection an essential purchase. If you have played one of them then it may well still be a recommendable option because of the DLC included. If you have played them all however on an older machine or you can still get access to them then I couldn’t possibly suggest you head out on a mission to download this.


  • The sheer value for money on offer, as all DLC is included
  • Tried and tested LEGO gameplay


  • Achievements can’t be done again
  • No real difference from the original games


Story - 7
Graphics - 7
Sound - 8
Gameplay - 7.5
Value - 9

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