Little Nightmares 2 Review

Little Nightmares returns in a new installment ... just to let us witness more nightmares.


Regarding the puzzles themselves, we will not see any particularly difficult or far-fetched either, since they are based on the typical structure of looking for a key to open a certain door or take an object to place where it corresponds. I tend to be very critical of those games that take a certain situation (or puzzles in this case) and reproduce it throughout the adventure by changing its elements a bit, but here the studio has been able to introduce such a great variety that it makes the game as a whole feel very organic and therefore not repetitive. The situations where we must tiptoe to dodge some enemies are designed wonderfully, giving us in all a feeling of overwhelm or tension very achieved.

The structure of the game is divided into chapters, and although it may seem that this is simply to facilitate its replayability, the truth is that it makes a lot of sense once you start playing them. Every time we advance from one chapter to another, not only will the scenario change, but both enemies and the tools that we will have at our disposal will completely change it.

A flashlight or a remote control will allow us to interact with the environment in unique ways, making each chapter a different experience from the previous one, but maintaining the same level of quality. It must be added that in my opinion the game reaches its zenith once we pass a little bit of its equator, which slightly tarnishes the conclusion of the game and its final confrontation.


The sound section is another very positive point of the game, continually accompanying the adventure with melodies that fit perfectly at all times. Of course, this is not a perfect game, and it will not take long to see some glitches that slightly tarnish the final result of the game.

The animations and physics are, without a doubt, the worst thing about this Little Nightmares 2, being able to see on occasions how Monkey or Six perform strange movements or even get “trapped” somewhere. In addition, despite the fact that the object launching system has been improved, the truth is that it still does not work as well as it should, as it happens with certain jumps or movements, which are difficult to execute due to the perspective of some areas.



With fewer resources than large productions, “Little Nightmares 2” has managed to convey to me some sensations that I had not felt for a long time at the controls of a video game. We have all had nightmares at times in which we have felt small and defenseless, and at times this new installment of Little Nightmares knows how to make us feel the same way.

Thanks to gloomy scenarios and ghoulish enemies, tension is assured in practically the entire game. The game made by the graphics engine of the title with the lights and shadows seems totally superb to me, and added to the depth perspective they make the scenarios not only simple environments to explore, but they feel alive and full of life (or death, depending on how you look at it). The puzzles are very well implemented, and they feel like a very natural part of the game without being forced to complete them at all, giving a very appealing sense of continuity.

The game has improved a lot since its first installment, but it still has some points to polish. The system of “trial and error” I think is too present in some chapters, especially because of a combat system that is too demanding and some situations where that perspective that I was talking about before does not quite work well. Despite these small flaws, Little Nightmares 2 is definitely a title you need to play!


  • Artistic outstanding
  • Great puzzles
  • Extremely good use of lighting


  • Strange combat sometimes
  • Too much trial and error


Story - 8
Graphics - 8
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 8
Value - 7

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