Mortal Kombat 1 Review

Kombat is Mortal ... again.


Round 1:

Although many might think that Mortal Kombat 1, given its name, is an absolute reboot of the franchise, the truth is that the reality is different. As has already been mentioned on previous occasions, this new installment of the franchise is a direct continuation of Mortal Kombat 11, (our review of MK 11) after Liu Kang became the God of Fire and Guardian of Time.

Seeing how the universe had failed, the former champion of Earth decided to create a new timeline from 0, where all people could enjoy something that the previous creator did not provide to the inhabitants of the kingdoms: peace. However, as happens in real life, everything will depend on the actions of the inhabitants of said kingdoms.

Round 2:

At NetherRealm they have become true masters in trying to offer a cinematic story. Not only because of its content itself, and that any Mortal Kombat fan would sign up for a big screen adaptation; but because the game is “shot” in a way that really seems like we are watching a movie. This is something that could already be seen in the last installment, but this is, without a doubt , the crowning work of the study so far . As if it were a film, the studio masterfully plays with the camera angles, with the photography (which we will talk about later) and with a fluidity in the cinematic-combat transitions that leave nothing but a great taste in the mouth. .

The campaign mode (and we are not talking about a euphemism, it is really called that) is by no means the only thing we can find in the game. While it is true that the work done by NetherRealm in this sense is sublime , other experiences have not been neglected, although betting on a clear element: simplicity . In Mortal Kombat 1, modalities such as versus, online or Towers will once again be present. However, the studio has opted this time to reduce the wide variants that existed in some of these modes in previous installments, opting for a much neater final content, which fits perfectly with what the title’s narrative offers us. .

If you’re done with the story campaign, you can start an endless grind in the towers, or instead, enter the new Invasions mode, which replaces the Krypt from the last installments. Its aesthetics are reminiscent of a board game, on the playing surface of which you will run with any character and complete tasks on individual squares. Sometimes it will be a regular match, sometimes various modifiers will speak into it, and other times you will have to manage, for example, an observation mini-game. I have to admit that I slightly preferred the Krypt from MK11 (and I’m probably in the minority, but I really enjoyed that mode and forced me to grind the matches like on a treadmill).

However, Invasions are supposed to offer seasonal content (but without the need to purchase a season pass) and with each new season comes new environments and rewards. This should hopefully provide a more durable source of entertainment and new content. The only current microtransaction monetization is the ability to purchase in-game currency for buying cosmetic items for heroes, but this is also earned by playing itself, and it is therefore an indulgence for lazy players, similar to the case of purchasing raw materials in Assassin’s Creed.


  • Mortal Kombat !
  • Kameo Players
  • Visually outstanding


  • Microtransactions?


Story - 9
Graphics - 9.5
Sound - 9
Gameplay - 9
Value - 8.5

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