MotoGP 24 Review

Well known formula improved but little risky.


The new MotoGP:

Milestone released the new “MotoGP 24” and it does not miss its appointment. The Italian studio, which has a handful of motorcycle series in its hands ( Ride , MXGP , Monster Energy Supercross …) returns with new features that seek to balance greater realism with comfort, improve the trajectory mode, the online competition -except on Nintendo Switch- and ultimately, encourage any MotoGP fan not to miss their appointment this season.

It is not easy, because this and any sports series – football, basketball, F1, etc. – with such short developments ends up taking small steps and not revolutions .

MotoGP 24 certainly brings some changes, but are they enough to make the jump if you’ve squeezed MotoGP 23 ?


Last year ‘s MotoGP already began to drastically expand the aid for rookies, or rather, to adjust to the skill and experience of all players. This is one of the problems that motorcycle games face, especially those that have simulation aspirations, and not so much those about cars; We will always find visual and control aids in a vehicle, but in the case of MotoGP these assistances go much further.

Once again we will find several game profiles – simplified, intermediate, advanced, professional – to choose our degree of simulation and demand , with the option to activate or deactivate specific aspects: steering, acceleration and neural brakes (AI), type of transmission, electronics, rewinding – going back and correcting a wrong turn – and more.

With the aids to the maximum, this artificial intelligence “co-pilot” is a force that guides the turns and adds a lot of stability to the bike, without a doubt very intrusive for the most gamers, although novices will appreciate it so as not to start eating gravel in each corner . The idea is that over time the players improve, learning the 21 circuits and gradually deactivate the assistance until they have freer control, which is risky but also allows them to achieve better times.

Added to all of the above is a new adaptive difficulty , which analyzes performance according to progress and adjusts the rivals so that we have a challenge whatever our level, although of course you can also choose a classic difficulty and adjust its hardness manually. MotoGP 24 has tweaked the artificial intelligence to give a little more personality to the real riders and differentiate not only in terms of the power of their team but also in their aggressiveness and strategies depending on whether they are rookies or veterans in the competition. The changes in the edition also reach dry and wet physics, motorcycle electronics and tire management. These are details that may not be seen with the naked eye, but they are there to make the game more unpredictable and entertaining.

Milestone considered MotoGP 23 a new beginning for the saga with the dynamic climate and the Flag to Flag, so MotoGP 24 builds on that and adds new features that are not so important but that the team considered key to making a more authentic competition, such as the Stewards that They analyze violations by players and AI . Like many other sections of the game, it can be adjusted whether the penalties are more or less tolerant, so that some marshals can turn a blind eye if there is a driver stopped on the track, in the opposite direction or if you enter the pits at a higher speed than normal. allowed. It fails from time to time, but it’s a nice extra for this year.

The other big novelty – which can be deactivated – and which the study has promoted is the rider market that makes changes to the grid with each season , and even allows class upgrades to Moto3 and Moto2 riders. It is a part of this sport/business, so the player and rivals receive transfer proposals based on results, with a certain logic and not randomly: the best-known riders will look for the best bikes, and the teams with the most aspirations will be interested in the pilots who are achieving the most victories.


  • Fun gameplay
  • and polished
  • Accessibility options are back


  • No 'major' changes towards MotoGP 23
  • More of the same


Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 8
Sound - 8
Value - 8

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