Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission Review

Back to the 80's ... with VR.


Operation Wolf:

The original Operation Wolf was a highly successful, ground-breaking 1987 arcade light gun shooter game from Taito that older gamers will remember, and it was also released on home consoles of the time to great success.

This light-gun on rails shooter was a real attraction in many arcades. Who didn’t like shooting zombies in House of the Dead, could shoot soldiers and tanks in this very fun arcade game.

First Mission:

Publisher Microïds now give us a new game, for almost all platforms. Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission very successfully imitates the original arcade version. Right from the start, you can see that the game is trying to recapture the stuffy arcade experience. Fortunately, the game has been adapted for new consoles, PC and even for VR.

The gameplay retains the arcade style of the original Operation Wolf, a fact that old fans of the game will especially appreciate. The weapons we have at our disposal are the classics of the 80’s action movies, such as Uzi, M16 and others, while for limited periods of time bonus weapons also appear, such as grenades and rocket launchers. The enemies are also faithful to the original arcade title, with the player having to face everything from infantry to tanks and helicopters, without missing boss fights.

The duration of Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR is one of its biggest drawbacks, since it only has 6 levels, which the player can finish within 10-15 minutes each. Even on the highest difficulty level, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR will not give you a hard time. We would say that the replayability is almost non-existent, since even the endless wave mode that it has, the player will get bored of it quickly, and there is no incentive after the end of the campaign to continue with the title.


  • Fun on-rails shooter
  • VR
  • Survival mode


  • Enemy AI
  • Short
  • Price


Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 8
Gameplay - 7.5
Value - 7

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