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Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key now available for pre-order

Today, KOEI TECMO Europe and developer GUST Studios opened up pre-orders for their magical JRPG, Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret...[Read More]

Dead Island 2 reaches Gold Status … finally

 Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios are in equal measures absolutely thrilled and totally relieved to confirm today that the long anticipated zombie sl...[Read More]

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Combat Demo Launching Today on PS, Xbox and PC

SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio will launch the Like a Dragon: Ishin! Combat Demo later today, which will be downloadable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series ...[Read More]

New screenshots from Octopath Traveler II

Square Enix has just released tons of new screenshots of the upcoming “Octopath Traveler II” which hits the shelves this week. Images can ...[Read More]

Diablo IV in-game cinematic reveal and open beta dates announced

Activision just announced the open beta dates for the upcoming “Diablo IV“, plus a new cinematic reveal. More: On February 18, we revealed...[Read More]

Site Update #2: Update completed

We have finished the updates right now and everything went smooth! Wp, our theme, important plugins … all are updated. If you still witness an e...[Read More]

Site update – maintenance

Our global GK theme needs urgently some critical updates. As well as our main WordPress server. There won’t be any downtime to the website, howe...[Read More]

GamerKnights is BACK with full force!

Hi fellow gamers! The revalidation of our owner Bjorn took a bit longer then expected unfortunately but he’s is NOW back in full force! Fully cu...[Read More]

GamerKnights’ Revival starts this week

Hi fellow gamers! In case you were wondering ‘GamerKnights’ was dead and buried … well you got a bit right. Corona struck hard every...[Read More]

Happy 2022 !

The entire GamerKnights crew wishes you a very happy New Year and welcoming you back in 2022! Since there’s still a COVID pandemic we’ll r...[Read More]

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In addition to the improvements applied to some puzzles, we really liked the sectorialization of the energy cells, which once inserted in the appropri...[Read More]

The missions, in addition to the tasks responsible for advancing in the main plot, are divided between improvised street crimes and premeditated crime...[Read More]

However, and despite the fact that everything related to level design is extraordinary, we have the feeling that Arkane could have been more ambitious...[Read More]

Multiplayer: If the vast offering of single-player modes falls short, WRC 10 also offers a wide selection of multiplayer modes , both local and online...[Read More]

But of course it becomes less fun when chance makes you, only equipped with a handful of small improvements, suddenly stand in front of a boss model e...[Read More]

So where is the awesomeness? Magic happens when you use items to attack and combine them with the other options. With the right trigger of the control...[Read More]

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