Pikmin 4 Review

Must have for every Switch owner!


Pikmin returns:

Anticipated by the return of the previous chapters to the hybrid console, thanks to Pikmin 3: Deluxe and the very recent HD versions of Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2 , Pikmin 4 represents a new peak for the saga . After the already excellent third episode, Nintendo messes up the cards on the table. While retaining the RTS core of the series, the team has introduced an impressive amount of new features, as well as a surprising amount of content. A fun and light-hearted journey, with the potential to fully satisfy fans of the IP and convince many new recruits to take up Olimar’s legacy .

Where has Captain Olimar gone?

There is no limit to the misfortune of Captain Olimar , who once again finds himself shipwrecked on a hostile planet. If nothing else, this time our explorer is in good company. The distress signal he sent into deep space has in fact attracted a varied selection of entrepreneurs, treasure seekers and scholars to the celestial body , curious to be able to observe firsthand the wonders described by Olimar in his notes, which ended up attached to the aforementioned SOS intergalactic. But in Pikmin , as we know, spaceships tend to come to a bad end.

It will therefore not surprise you to learn that all those who set sail for the shipwrecked planet ended up becoming missing persons in deep space themselves. Yes, even the professionals of the Rescue Team . In this tragicomic accumulation of destroyed vessels, the player is literally the last available resource: as the new recruit of the intergalactic rescue team we were left behind at the base, but at this point our intervention is essential. Accompanied by a trusted canine companion, Occin , it is therefore time to take action.

For the first time in the series Nintendo entrusts the public with the task of giving shape to their alter-ego. Unfortunately, the customization options are not many , but the possibility of giving the protagonist a name or a particular haircut is still an always welcome addition. Once past the section dedicated to the character editor, Miyamoto’s creation is presented to old and new players.


Pikmin 4 is in fact committed to welcoming newbies in the best possible way. While concise, the tutorials are clear and effective , as well as always available via a dedicated section of the menu. The particular life cycle of the Pikmin, as well as the weaknesses and strengths of each creature are not taken for granted, thanks also to the indications of the Rescue Team, in constant radio connection with our recruit. To offer some coordinates, remember that we are talking about a strategic one in realtime , within which players take command of the Pikmin.

Using a whistle to gather the creatures, we can give them different orders, inviting them to rebuild destroyed infrastructure, destroy obstacles, recover treasures and resources or fight against unlikely hostile alien life forms. From morning to sunset you will have to work to unlock new passages, recover shipwrecked people , gather Pikmin and – obviously – try to understand what happened to Captain Olimar. As night falls, our heroes will have to return to base, to avoid being devoured by wild beasts, which become more aggressive under the cover of darkness. On this basic gaming system – common to the entire Nintendo series -Pikmin 4 builds a radical renewal .

Occin, the rescue dog:

The classic settings of the world of Pikmin return to Nintendo Switch with significantly expanded proportions. Gardens and riverbanks alternate with groves and domestic areas, in diverse and character-rich maps . With delightful artistic direction, Pikmin 4 suggests the existence of human beings in a particularly strong way, with considerations and findings that cannot help but bring a smile to those who play.

Thanks to a new extension, the scenarios are divided into real microworlds with meticulous level design . In addition to the traditional search for shortcuts to unlock, Pikmin 4 offers the possibility of moving your shipin different areas of the map. Marked by stone circles, the bases scattered throughout the game world are the perfect response to the expansion of the environments.

One of the best innovations introduced by Pikmin 4 also makes travel easier : Occin . Our trusty rescue dog is a cute yet useful puppy, ready to assist us in many activities. By climbing on the back of our companion we can move quickly from one corner of the world to another, also taking all the Pikmin part of the team with us. But not only that: Occin is an ally in combat, he can knock down obstacles, transport treasures and resources on his own and sneak into conduits closed to other characters.


  • Pikmins!
  • Animation
  • Excellent gameplay


  • Might be a bit repetitive
  • More of the same for some?


Story - 8.5
Graphics - 9.5
Sound - 9
Gameplay - 9.5
Value - 9

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