Project Cars 3 Review

Version 3 has arrived with ... simcade.


Project CARS 3:

Simulation games are the order of the day, with the arrival of titles such as Microsoft Flight Simulator , but the most played within the genre are always the driving games. Some pull for a more realistic experience, however, others such as the new installment of Project Cars , which are derived from a more arcade experience and focus on other different sections than on giving us an experience similar to the real one.

Project Cars 3 is the new installment in the series, developed by Slightly Mad Studios and distributed by Bandai Namco . This time the saga receives a fairly considerable change, it does not have to be a bad sign, although in this case it could be. Project Cars no longer focuses so much this time on pure simulation, one of the saga’s strongest attractions, and now focuses more on an arcade experience; they have dubbed ” simcade “.


We enter fully into one of the sections with the biggest changes with respect to the previous installments of the franchise. As soon as we start we will create our pilot, who will accompany us during the trajectory mode and the different multiplayer modes and offline modes. Its settings are quite basic, such as colors, suits, personal data and nationality, but for a title like this you don’t need much more.

Let’s start with one of the most important single player modes within Project Cars 3, the Career mode.

A completely redesigned game mode for the occasion, turning its progression into a succession of different tests and challenges, all divided into different categories. We will start from the most “basic” cars, where we will be able to improve them over time to advance, although once certain categories have been passed we will be able to acquire new cars to end up competing with the best in the world; where we will see the fastest and most luxurious cars of the competitions.

To overcome the challenges and the different circuits, we will also have to complete some requirements, such as racing with a certain car, specific specifications, etc. Since we can improve the cars we buy to adjust to the characteristics, we can also make some aesthetic changes that will not affect later.

Having to use certain cars brings with it a great inconvenience: having to buy them. Where is the problem? Every time we complete the challenges they will give us certain credits, at first we can use the same car but then we will be forced to change, and we will not have the necessary money; since it is quite scarce depending on how we play the challenges. When we get to this point, I recommend that you invest your time in the different modes, since that way we can get the necessary figure more “easily”.

The tests are quite normal, races, time trials, etc. Although on some occasions we find quite crazy tests where we will have to tear down posters like crazy to get a certain score. Before conducting the tests we can adjust the difficulty, both of artificial intelligence if it is a race, and of the help we will receive while driving. Tapping these parameters will change the experience received during the test.

An added plus to the trajectory mode are the additional objectives, these are in all the tests and add up to a total of three, when completing them they will give us experience, but the simple challenge of completing them is already quite interesting. We can also create our own fully customized races, where we can adjust almost all possible parameters such as the weather at the beginning and end of the event, how the track is located, etc. We will also have a large number of circuits to choose from, although less than the previous deliveries. In these offline events we will play against artificial intelligence, which at times can be a bit uncomfortable due to its irregular programming. One of the positive points is the increase in available vehicles , having more than 200 cars to choose fromin races like these. Before choosing it, we can change the color and some subtle parameters, since to improve it it should be ours.

Regarding the learning curve is quite good, we also have improvements in the controls for knobs and peripherals; making these quite enjoyable to drive. Project Cars 3 goes from being a demanding game, to becoming a much more accessible title for anyone who decides to start in the world of motorsport within video games, not because of them it is bad, but for the most veteran of the saga it is not something that they like very much.


  • Lots of variety
  • Handling is almost perfection
  • Difficulty curve


  • AI could be better


Graphics - 8
Sound - 8
Gameplay - 7.5
Multiplayer - 8
Value - 8.5

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