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Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Super Mario Bros. Wonder

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the benevolent Prince Florian invites Mario and his friends to the Flower Kingdom. But Bowser, the King of the Koopas, has other plans. With just a single touch of the Wonder Flower, Bowser merges with Prince Florian’s castle. As a result of his newfound power, chaos spreads across the land. Now it’s up to Mario and pals to stop Bowser and save the Flower Kingdom.

In the Flower Kingdom, expect the unexpected. Wonder Flowers thrive off this world’s mysterious power and release it when in bloom. When you touch a Wonder Flower in a course, a Wonder effect will trigger, causing dramatic changes. Pipes might start moving, the terrain may tilt, your perspective can change or you might float through space. There are even Wonders that can transform your character into a Goomba or a Spike-Ball.

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