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GK Review: Dead Island 2

After many years in production, “Dead Island 2” is finally here. THE zombie slaughter game. Here’s a snippet from our review: Another great advantage of the game are the locations we have to explore. At first, you may feel claustrophobic as you visit the similar houses and narrow streets of Bel-Air and Beverly Hills, but after some time you reach the Venice Beach promenade and th...[Read More]

Dead Island 2 Review

Dead Island #2: Oh wait, i’s finally here! We waited a very long time for Dead Island 2 but it’s definitely worth the long wait. Dead Island 2 may seem like another zombie game, and of course it is, but for me the second part of “Dead Island”, just like the first one joins the catalog of games with strong gore scenes. And that’s a good thing, because the unlimited, to...[Read More]

Dead Island 2 global sales surpass 1 million units

Following the global launch of Dead Island 2 on Friday 21st April, Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have announced it has sold over 1 million copies after just three days on sale. Dead Island 2 has won fans from around the world with countless players snapping up a copy of the drop dead gore-geous game in the first 72 hours. Dead Island 2 in numbers More than 1 million – copies of Dead Island 2 s...[Read More]

Dead Island 2 Opening Cinematic revealed

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios today reveal the stylish opening cinematic of Dead Island 2, created by ELASTIC, the award-winning creative studio behind some of the most iconic title sequences in recent years.

Dead Island 2 reaches Gold Status … finally

 Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios are in equal measures absolutely thrilled and totally relieved to confirm today that the long anticipated zombie slaying saga Dead Island 2 has GONE GOLD. As a celebration the two companies have also decided to shorten the wait for fans and release the game one week earlier than they were expecting. Zombie slaying will now commence on Friday 21st April 2023. The ...[Read More]

Dead Island 2

A deadly virus is spreading across Los Angeles, turning its inhabitants into ravenous zombies. The city is in quarantine and the military have retreated. Bitten, infected, but more than just immune, you learn to harness the tainted powers running through your veins. Only you, and the handful of other swaggering assholes who happen to be resistant to the pathogen, hold the future of Los Angeles (an...[Read More]

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