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Registrations open for Tekken World Tour 2024, starts April 13th with new details

TEKKEN WORLD TOUR 2024, the first global competition featuring the recently released TEKKEN 8, will start on 13th April 2024. Players can register now on the Esports TEKKEN Portal. Starting with the Electric Clash 2024, happening on 20th April in Ontario, Canada, players will be able to compete to become the best ranked TEKKEN 8 player. The 2024 edition will feature two leaderboards: Global and Re...[Read More]

Review: Tekken 8

Hi there! We’ve just published our in-depth review of the new “Tekken 8” which is now available on multiplatform. Here’s a snippet: Tekken 8 introduces many changes to make the game more offensive, but obviously the key is in the Heat , a temporary state that is initiated by the Heat Burst or a Heat Engager attack , with numerous benefits ranging from providing new properti...[Read More]

Tekken 8 Review

Number 8: There was a desire for a new Tekken . The season model with downloadable characters extends the life of fighting games, but it also prevents the evolution at its core that only a true sequel usually brings. Tekken 7 arrived on home systems in 2017, although the arcade was released in 2015: so much time has never passed between a Tekken and its successor. Tekken 8 breaks with tradition an...[Read More]

New Tekken 8 Live-Action trailer

Bandai Namco Europe and world-renowned Advertising agency BETC worked together to produce “Get Ready for the Next Battle”, a brand-new live-action trailer for TEKKEN 8. https://youtu.be/LSPSTWx06YU The movie revealed today features several high-profile guests, such as Hafthor Bjornsson and well-known TEKKEN players from around the world: Arslan Ash, Pakistan, 4 times TEKKEN world champion Gen1us, ...[Read More]

Tekken 8 Images

Tekken 8

Developed by Bandai Namco Studios Inc., TEKKEN 8 pushes the envelope for fighting games and takes full advantage of the power of the latest generation of consoles by creating one of the most visually stunning and immersive titles in the genre yet. TEKKEN 8 picks up after the gruesome battle that ended in Heihachi Mishima’s defeat, focusing on a new rivalry pitting father against son as Jin Kazama ...[Read More]

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