Play Vampyr at up to 60 FPS and 2K resolution on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

Vampyr, DONTNOD and Focus Entertainment’s narrative-driven action-RPG, receives a free upgrade to its graphics on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 PRO and Xbox Series X|S, significantly improving the experience across the board. With the free upgrade, players will be able to enjoy the game in glorious 60FPS and 1440p on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. 1440p will also be available on PlayStation 4 Pro...[Read More]

Vampyr is invited in and arrives on Nintendo Switch October 29

Vampyr, DONTNOD’s narrative-driven action-RPG, sinks its teeth into the Nintendo Switch October 29 of this year. Hailed as “an ambitious masterpiece” by VG247 in our latest Switch Release Date Trailer, this is your opportunity to experience this vampire story on the go on the Switch. Awaken in 1918 London as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly-turned vampire. Plunged into a hidden world of ungodly creature...[Read More]

Vampyr gets two new difficulty modes from today

DONTNOD Entertainment’s narrative-driven action-RPG Vampyr continues to receive ongoing support, as the difficulty modes update releases today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. There’s never been a better time for players to sink their teeth in to the dark streets of London. This update includes two new game difficulty modes which add further replayability for existing players, and more options f...[Read More]

FOX21 secures the rights to develop the TV series of VAMPYR

FOX21 has secured the rights to DONTNOD Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive’s hit RPG video game, VAMPYR, for Wonderland Sound & Vision and DJ2 Entertainment to adapt for television. VAMPYR launched worldwide last June, reaching #1 on STEAM, the internet’s largest video game distribution platform. VAMPYR is game developer DONTNOD’s follow-up to its Peabody and BAFTA Award Winning game, LI...[Read More]

Vampyr announces new game modes for later this summer

Vampyr, DONTNOD Entertainment’s narrative-driven action-RPG set in 1918 London, announces a content update coming later this summer on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This will include two new game modes which add further replayability for existing players and more options for those who haven’t yet sunk their teeth into this dark adventure. To celebrate the update, we are happy to introduce a 25% discount ...[Read More]

GK Review: Vampyr

Hi there. Today we bring you a full review of the new vampire game from DONTNOD and Focus, “Vampyr“. More: Vampyr presents a dingy, dilapidated capital to run around in, never opting for anything light and breezy when instead it can go for dark and moody. You play Jonathan Reid, a doctor-turned-corpse-turned-monster who awakes amid the bodies of plague victims to find himself unsettlin...[Read More]


In Vampyr you play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a famous surgeon and blood transfusion specialist freshly turned into a vampire after arriving back in his home city of London following the Great War. A man of logic and science, Reid’s firm beliefs are turned inside-out upon awakening to a once-hidden world of secret societies, ungodly creatures and ancient orders set upon ending his existence. All the wh...[Read More]

Vampyr Review

To suck or not to suck: Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been obsessed with vampires – I love the stories, I love the striking look and creeping menace, and I love how they capture a little moment in time when a bloodsucking stalker from the shadows symbolized all of the fear and evil of Western civilization. I was really excited when the developers behind the excellent Life is Strange decided n...[Read More]

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