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After many years, finally a new Tekken to compete with ...


Number 8:

There was a desire for a new Tekken . The season model with downloadable characters extends the life of fighting games, but it also prevents the evolution at its core that only a true sequel usually brings. Tekken 7 arrived on home systems in 2017, although the arcade was released in 2015: so much time has never passed between a Tekken and its successor.

Tekken 8 breaks with tradition and debuts directly on consoles and PC, a symptom of the state of the arcades that once served as “beta” to test what was liked or not in a fighting game, make balances and then transfer the experience to home with a good helping of new ways.


Tekken 8 introduces many changes to make the game more offensive, but obviously the key is in the Heat , a temporary state that is initiated by the Heat Burst or a Heat Engager attack , with numerous benefits ranging from providing new properties or actions with the Heat Dash , convertible damage -damage received is recoverable- and access to a powerful Heat Smash . This animation is easy to connect immediately after entering Heat , but of course, we are interested in maximizing the time in that state before calling it a day. As an incentive to be aggressive, the Heat Timer – bar wear – does not run out when attacking, a declaration of intent from the developers to encourage the action not to drop.

Although the bar can only be used once per round, they all start at maximum, which is why Tekken 8 does not give the fighters a moment’s respite. And not only that, although it is a clearly offensive-oriented tool, the Heat Burst is armored, which makes it ideal for stopping an opponent who is launched and in full harassment . Heat Burst is an element worth taking advantage of in every round – it’s free! – but with your head, you can’t waste it.


This is just one of the new features of Tekken 8 , which maintains the Power Crush , Rage , and Rage Art mechanics , replaces the Tekken screw with a tornado – to expand aerial combos – and multiplies the interactivity with the combat scenarios . To all those walls, breakable walls and floors, which serve to damage the opponent – or open another window for combos – are added the explosive zones in certain points of the arena, a nod perhaps inspired by the Dead or Alive saga . The imprint of Yohei Shimbori, former director at Team Ninja, is noticeable in this Tekken in some aspects, such as the renewed animation for certain falls from balconies.

Tekken 8 comes to the market with 32 fighters – counting Kuma and Panda separately -, a generous figure and higher than other games of the moment, which of course will grow with future seasons. On the one hand, it is true that the number of additions may seem low compared to Tekken 7 , which included Akuma – a guest from Street Fighter -, Gigas, Claudio, Josie, Katarina, Kazumi, Shaheen and Lucky Chloe; Tekken 8 brings Victor, Azucena and Reina.

At first glance it may seem like a step backwards, but nothing could be further from the truth: quality versus quantity . All of the fighters have been remade and also, while Jun isn’t technically new, she hasn’t appeared in the main series since Tekken 2 . We think Tekken 8 ‘s roster is stronger than the previous game , with fewer “expendable” fighters: virtually all of them are entertaining.

The gameplay is frenetic and full of possibilities, and without a doubt it is the best the saga has seen to date. And how about the modes? Tekken 8 corrects most of the objectionable aspects of Tekken 7 , which was a title designed to be enjoyed almost exclusively in company. Its solo modes covered the minimum required, but made it undesirable if your only intention was to play against the CPU. It’s not that Tekken 8 is the ultimate in modalities, as almost no fighting game is, but it has improved the situation quite a bit. The only thing we can think of is missing a Tekken Force or similar, or some nod to the legacy of the saga – Tekken 5 included arcade versions of the trilogy.

First of all we have the story mode “The Darkness Awakens”, with cinematics and combats that narrate the situation of the world after the disappearance of Heihachi and with Kazuya Mishima unleashed. Tekken 7 ‘s story mode was a good step by Bandai Namco to get closer to NetherRealm Studios’ campaigns, but it was not as well constructed as expected.


  • Great gameplay
  • One of the best fighting games
  • Decent multiplayer


  • Some classic characters are not included
  • Arcade mission could be something more


Story - 8
Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 9
Sound - 8.5
Value - 8.5

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