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From arcade games to the most modern home consoles, the Rally driving genre has always been present in front of every amateur gamer. From the legendary Sega Rally to the Colin McRae Rally and its evolution to the Dirt Saga, we have been able to enjoy a wide variety of rally games on our Xbox .

And today we turn enthusiastically to our appointment with the annual video game World Rally Championship in the analysis WRC 10 on Xbox X Series. The game comes from the hand of developer KT Racing and Nacon.


WRC 10 is the official video game of the FIA (International Automobile Federation) that covers the 2021 season of the World Rally Championship, full of novelties and game modes that will not leave any fan of this motorsport indifferent.

As is usual in driving games, WRC 10 offers us game modes for one player, local multiplayer and online . Within the options for a player, the game offers us a wide range of playable options, the main one being the Career Mode, where we can participate in the world Rally championship, while managing our team.

As soon as we start this mode, we will be allowed to choose the starting point, being able to start from the Junior WRC or from the WRC3 mode . The Junior WRC Mode is the most recommended , since we will start with a novice driver and will allow us to adapt to both the team’s management system and the driving of a Rally car, allowing us to obtain the experience and expertise to make the leap to the modalities. of WRC.

Once we have selected our starting point and have signed with a team, we will start fully in the races and in the management of our team from a complete menu, where the most important section is the calendar, from which we can plan the events of each week and choose many times between different events for a specific day.

Among the available events we will find training to improve our driving skills , constructor tests to increase our reputation in front of a specific team and open up transfer possibilities, rally stages, staff rest events and the amazing extreme conditions events, where we will have than driving a seriously damaged car in extreme weather, among other tests.

Each of these events will earn us money, experience, team morale, or reputation with our team . All these parameters are essential for the proper development of our career as a driver and as a team manager. The money can be invested in car repairs and in the payment of salaries of the team members, which will allow us to hire higher-ranking employees.

The experience will allow us to acquire improvements for the driver, the car and the rest of the team. Reputation with our team will influence our relationship with it and will prevent us from being fired . Morale influences the mood and performance of the employees that make up our current team.

We can hire and fire employees as we see fit, taking into account that their personality and characteristics will influence how they work with each other, always encouraging us to find the best combination of employees, but all this is not a guarantee of success, since the Tiredness and mood can dent the overall performance of the team.

To avoid scares, we may send employees to take a break or meet team goals to reinforce their trust in us. This allows WRC 10 to present us with one of the most complete Race Modes that we have seen, but the single player modes are not there, since we also have the Season Mode , where we can participate in a complete rally season without the need. to manage our team.

In addition, we have the Quick Start Mode , in which we will select between the 2021 stages from which we can choose 11 rallies around the world , each subdivided into its corresponding stages and being able to configure the time of day, the weather conditions and the categories of cars that participate in this stage.

To all this are also added the anniversary commemorative stages and the bonus stages that we can unlock. But that’s not all, since we will have special challenges with a specific car, test areas to improve our driving skills and configure our car in real time, as well as a training mode in a closed circuit in which we can perform exercises that will improve our driving.

As if this seemed not enough, the 50th Anniversary Mode is also present , in which we will run historical stages of the WRC behind the wheel of the cars and drivers who made them mythical, putting us in context about the stage and competition.


  • Extensive campaign mode
  • Weather effects
  • Damage and traction systems


  • More arcade mode is missing
  • A bit glitchy


Graphics - 8
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 8
Multiplayer - 8
Value - 8.5

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